Property Inspections

Our team on the ground undertake detailed and regular inspections on your property, so you can rest easy knowing that it's well taken care of.

SPR Teams

We employ SPR, dedicated teams in each city (called our Home Experts), who are specially trained & conduct all our inspections.

Ingoing & Outgoing inspections

We understand what an important time this is for your property, thanks to our detailed reporting and internal systems, we can ensure your property is left in the same condition it came in.

Routine inspections

The legislation on the frequency of property inspections differs from state to state. However, it’s common practice for a property manager to conduct an annual inspection on behalf of the landlord. We are happy to accommodate more depending if an owner wishes.

Stay informed & in control with updates

Know when to expect your next routine inspection

When we’ve scheduled a routine inspection for your property, we’ll ping you with the details so you know what’s going on.

See the most important info at a glance

Once we’ve completed and reviewed the inspection, you’ll know at a glance how it went, with a quick snapshot of the condition & any reported maintenance.

View every inspection, ever

After an inspection is completed, the detailed report is submited by email to Owner. All historic documents can be found here so you can go back and review it any time.

Any issues with your property? Our maintenance team are here to help.

Our transparent approach to maintenance

A network of tradies and cost estimates means you can always trust that you are choosing the best service at the best price.

Choose how you want to fix it

Fix it yourself, select your own tradie, or choose from our approved network of tradies, the choice is yours.

Real-time updates

heck on the status of your maintenance job via your Email.

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