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The Benefits of a Real Estate Agent | Ultimate Guide

The Benefits of a real estate agent

It is understood that individuals selling property aim to attain the highest financial gain from the transaction. Considering this, it may be tempting to forgo the expense associated with utilizing the services of a real estate agent. However, such agents typically charge commissions in addition to additional fees associated with their assistance in selling a property. Despite this cost, the presence of an agent can be highly beneficial and result in a greater profit from the sale. The following are the reasons to consider hiring a real estate agent for the sale of the property.

The Benefits of a real estate agent:

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They have Knowledge about the local market:

they know the market

There are many benefits of a real estate agent. But when it comes to selling your home. Working with a real estate agent is one of the best decisions you can make. Real estate agents have an understanding of the local market and its fluctuations. They are up to date on current trends, average listing prices, similar home sales, and key inspection services that could impact the sale price of your home. With their skill, they can help you get the most out of your property sale. Not only will a real estate agent provide valuable insights into the value of your home. But they will also provide you with the benefits of a real estate agent. These include more effective marketing, more qualified buyers, and higher offers than if you were to attempt a DIY sale.

They know how to negotiate:

In real estate transactions, utilizing the services of a professional agent can be beneficial in facilitating negotiations between the seller and buyer. While direct talks between the parties may be viable. The presence of an agent can mitigate potential conflicts arising from the differing interests of the parties involved. An agent can serve as an intermediary, adeptly managing any potential issues and ensuring a smooth transaction. It is worth noting that the seller retains the discretion to decline any offer, regardless of the presence of an agent.

When opting to utilize the services of a real estate agent, one can expect to benefit from the following:

  • The agent’s knowledge and familiarity with the local area and market.
  • The agent’s prior experience in successfully selling properties similar to the one being offered.
  • The agent’s comprehension of current local market trends and conditions.
  • The agent’s ability to provide an accurate and well-researched assessment of the property’s selling price.
  • The agent’s motivation is to secure the highest possible price for the property, which in turn can positively impact the local market.

They can save you time:

they can save time

Selling a property can be a complex and demanding process. Particularly if one chooses not to engage the services of a professional real estate agent. The responsibilities of being one’s agent include:

  • Being the primary point of contact for all parties involved
  • Promptly responding to inquiries
  • Scheduling and conducting viewings.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Coordinating with various tradespeople and other professionals
  • Managing a significant volume of paperwork
  • Engaging in negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Some of whom may be represented by their agents.

A professional real estate agent can alleviate much of this burden and help facilitate a smoother and more efficient transaction, while also potentially maximizing the sale price. Thus, the cost of an agent’s services may be deemed a worthwhile investment by many individuals.

Agents can earn you a higher profit:

When considering the sale of a property, the cost of utilizing the services of a real estate agent may be perceived as a deterrent. However, it is important to note that a competent and experienced agent can effectively increase the sale price of a property. Thereby offsetting the cost of their services. By engaging the services of a real estate agent, the following advantages may be expected:

  • Familiarity with the local area and market conditions
  • Proven track record of selling properties similar to the subject property.
  • Expertise in determining an accurate and competitive listing price through thorough market research.
  • Determination to secure the highest possible sale price for the property.

It is understood that the success of each sale impacts the overall health and trajectory of the local market. It is important to note that the market comparisons are based on sales of similar properties within the past six months.

Using a real estate agent can lead to a faster sale:

fast sale

When it comes to selling a property, time and price are crucial factors. Utilizing the services of a real estate agent can aid in achieving these goals. An agent can provide valuable advice and resources in the preparation of your property. Introduce you to a team of reputable professionals, and effectively market your property to potential buyers through various channels, including exclusive agent-only platforms. The use of a real estate agent can increase the likelihood of a swift sale at a desirable price. Whereas forgoing an agent may result in a hindered marketing strategy and a reduced pool of potential buyers.

No-agent sales vs agent sales:

The results of our study indicate that a negligible proportion of property sales were conducted directly by the property owner. Specifically, a mere 1% of property sales were executed through the owner, while the remaining 99% were conducted through a real estate agent.

Upon conducting further analysis of recent sales data from reputable owner-focused websites, it is apparent that the use of real estate agents for property sales remains the norm. While there has been a slight increase in the number of properties sold without the involvement of an agent, this percentage remains below 4%.

Based on data obtained from realestate.com.au, we have determined that out of a total of approximately 600,000 sales in Australia over the 12 months ending July 31st, 2021, only slightly over 20,000 properties were sold through owner-oriented websites.

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why choose us

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