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We have managed thousands of properties over the years, so we have learned a lot about how to do it well. This Landlord Resource Center is a collection of articles that answer landlord’s most frequently asked questions. It is designed to give you the knowledge base that will help you make better decisions and be more successful as a landlord.

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To Lease My Property or Not?

  • Should I Sell My Property or Rent it Out?
  • Pros and Cons of Being a Landlord
  • Are You Cut Out To Be A Landlord?
  • What are the Tax Implications of Selling a Rental Property?

How to Rent Better with Sydney Property Realtors

  • How Much Does Property Management Cost? Is It Worth It?
  • What Does a Property Manager Do?
  • What Kinds of Fees do Property Managers Charge?
  • Top 10 Questions to ask a Property Management Company

Can I manage my Investment Property by Myself?

  • How to Market Your Property
  • How to Choose The Right Tenants
  • How Do I Keep My Rental Property From Getting Destroyed By Tenants?
  • How To Find A Reliable Contractor
  • Steps To Take When Your Tenant Stops Paying Rent
  • What If I Need to Evict A Tenant?

Landlord Resource Centre

  • Ready to Rent: A Checklist For Landlords
  • 4 Things You Need To Do Right Now To Start Renting Your Property
  • What Maintenance Am I Responsible For as a Landlord?
  • What Kind of Insurance Do I Need as a Landlord? (And what kind does my tenant need.)
  • Should I Get A Home Warranty?

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